We live in a society where high school graduation is celebrated but is also a given these days. Emphasis is instead place on the awards, the honors, the scholarships, the highest test scores. And those are wonderful accomplishments which absolutely merit accolades. But there are no awards given for perseverance….for enduring years during middle school

Today was our last full day on the coast. Rain is forecast as we are leaving tomorrow so I made a point to get up in time to see the sunrise. I sat out on the balcony for a long while and then came back inside and read while everyone slept in….I eventually dozed back

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutesFive hundred twenty five thousand moments so dearFive hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutesHow do you measure? Measure a year? (Seasons of Love, Jonathan Larson, Rent) This isn’t the first time I have referenced lines from Seasons of Love in a post. This past year (2020) would

Dear Sarah, I feel like I should have something monumental to say on this, your 21st birthday. Everyone who knows you knows how sweet and caring you are, how smart and organized, and how dedicated you are to the causes you care deeply about. Although I would like to think you have had a happy