Advent Word/Day 29 Emmanuel God with us….during the joyful moments of love and laughter. God with us….during the moments we are doubled over in pain and grief. God with us…during the fear and uncertainty of a diagnosis. God with us….during the utter despair of depression. God with us….during the brightest morning and the darkest night.

Advent Word/Day 28 The birth of Jesus is one of the most depicted scenes in artwork throughout the ages. Whether in print, on canvas, or in a creche, there usually is presented a holy family that is serene and beautiful, picturesque and peaceful. But birth in and of itself is a messy business – especially

Advent Word/Day 27 We often hear the term “restore my faith in humanity” when a person witnesses compassion or kindness in the world around them. But I have found myself in the last few years “restoring my faith in faith.” After my cancer diagnosis ten years ago, I began a slow slog back to the

Advent Word/Day 26 I am not a proponent of the power of positive thinking. I don’t believe you can will yourself out of depression. Or that a good mental attitude will heal your body of a physical disease. I have however, come around the tiniest bit to the concept of choosing joy. I am a

Advent Word/Day 25 Something rankles within most of us when we hear the term “obedience” – no one likes to be told what to do! And I would argue that blind obedience to any person or institution is never a good idea. However, when it relates to faith and ideals such as love, service, and

Advent Word/Day 24 One of my main enjoyments of this season is listening to music – from sacred hymns to more secular Christmas songs, I constantly have music playing. And I love attending both choral and instrumental concerts. Music can be inspirational, calming, reflective, and nostalgic. When we listen, and truly hear, music can be

Advent Word/Day 23 The Star of Bethlehem is probably one of the more famous “signs” in history. I have read various scientific explanations about the origin and movement of the star but it’s place in history as a sign of the Messiah is indisputable. Many still look for signs from God, the universe, or other

Advent Word/Day 20 The notion of the Christian as traveler is as old as Christianity itself…reflected in innumerable verses, lines of poetry, and song lyrics. We are “just passing through”… on a “highway to heaven”… whilst only living in a “temporary home”. But we must also keep in mind that God’s desire for this world