“Eye” Had a Bad Day

Day Five/June 29, 2023

Thursday was not my best day. A combination of the dry climate, possible allergies, and the fact that I tend to have sensitive eyes anyway led to a miserable day of my eyes burning, tearing, itching and leading me to be generally miserable.

The day started off well enough. Sarah, Trever, and I went to breakfast at the Lacey Rose Saloon at the Grand Imperial Hotel. It was pretty but tastewise, the food was not that great. After breakfast, we rode up to the Christ of the Mines shrine which overlooks the whole of the town of Silverton.

The rest of the day was not great for me. Not a whole lot of creative writing other than “my eyes hurt, I wanna go home.” Trever and Sean had tickets to ride the train to Durango and we met them to eat dinner for Trever’s birthday. We did run into the local Walmart and I bought a variety of eye drops to try to ease my irritated eye problems. Not every day can be a good day.

Karri Temple Brackett

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