Our society, myself included, has become absolutely obsessed with true crime. Beyond a basic interest in current news stories, there are podcasts, websites, streaming documentaries and more dedicated to the salacious details behind cases involving everything from petty crime to murder. And that is not necessarily a bad thing. Widespread media attention can sometimes lead

Norman and Nathan. Those were the names of the two kittens we adopted from an event at a pet store in North Little Rock in July of 2007 from the Maumelle Friends of the Animals. Sweet and shy, they took a few days to adjust to our home, where they were rechristened Jack and Harry.

Advent Word/Day 29 Emmanuel God with us….during the joyful moments of love and laughter. God with us….during the moments we are doubled over in pain and grief. God with us…during the fear and uncertainty of a diagnosis. God with us….during the utter despair of depression. God with us….during the brightest morning and the darkest night.

Advent Word/Day 28 The birth of Jesus is one of the most depicted scenes in artwork throughout the ages. Whether in print, on canvas, or in a creche, there usually is presented a holy family that is serene and beautiful, picturesque and peaceful. But birth in and of itself is a messy business – especially