Belief in God can change and evolve, even as it remains constant. Belief in others can fade when they show us yet again who they are, or strengthen as they do the same. Belief in ourselves can be the most difficult….who are we to inspire such love, such faith, such trust? We are love.  We

Bathhouse Row. Oaklawn. The Spa City. Corruption. Organized Crime. Lakes. Music Mountain. All are synonymous with Hot Springs, Arkansas. A city of around 40,000 people which is also a designated national park in the midst of the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs has a rich history with a tourism industry that continues to this day. During

I don’t remember the exact year. Abby was young enough she still believed in the Easter Bunny, Santa, the Tooth Fairy…all of those things that make childhood magical. We had delayed dying Easter eggs until the night before for whatever reason. I was drinking that night – wine? Spiced rum? I can’t remember. It doesn’t