The night sky Overwhelms me at times. Millions of stars Reminding me of my insignificance. Inspiring not just wonder but a degree of existential fear, Of what could possibly exist in the galaxies Beyond my human comprehension. But then I remember all of the mysteries of this universe Are not mine to understand. Karri Temple

Does wisdom come with age, Like wool gathered through the years? Does wisdom come with heartache, Grown in the heart’s soil and watered with tears? Does wisdom come from God, Given only to those who pray? Or does wisdom come to anyone, Who can listen, and learn, and then give it away? Karri Temple BrackettMay

Bare foundation, new construction, one and a half acres of dirt. Little by little over the years…planting, pruning, weeding, transplanting, removing and rearranging. Now not a manicured lawn but a grass covered yard. The front flower bed bordered by native rocks and Home to a few faithful perinneals. The willow tree a graceful anchor out