Advent Word/Day 19 Everyone knows that the best thing to drink when you are thirsty is plain old water. Sometimes I religiously keep track of my daily ounces and other times, I just try to mentally tally how much I may or may not have consumed on a given day. Then there are times where

Advent Word/Day 18 Beloved – the definitions of beloved include dearly loved…a much loved person…greatly loved….dear to the heart….even “friends dearly loved by God.” I have never once doubted I was loved by anyone that is in my life. But what a feeling to know that we are not only loved, but beloved. Without condition,

Advent Word/Day Fourteen The word flourish brings to mind plants, animals, and people that are thriving. What it takes to flourish is dependent on many factors, from the intrinsic – such as the biology of the thing in question – to the extrinsic – such as the environment. Some of these things can be controlled

Advent Word/Day Twelve Breathe. Deep breathing has health benefits which range from decreasing stress to lowering blood pressure to relieving pain. I often find myself sighing not in relief or exasperation but simply because I have been breathing so shallowly that once I take a moment to pause and actually breathe deeply, that breath is