Birthday Dinner and Beautiful Sights

Day Three/June 27, 2023

Tuesday was our first full day in Silverton. Sarah and I took a walk down to the Coffee Bear for our morning caffeine fix. Silverton is a very small town is very walkable. The weather has been ideal and even cool in the mornings.

Mid morning, Sarah and I walked down to the small grocery store. Trever’s birthday was in two days and my mom had purchased train tickets for he and Sean as a surprise so we decided to make Tuesday his birthday dinner. We bought a package of brownie and macaroons to serve as his birthday dessert. Later than afternoon, Sarah and I did a little exploring around town.

Sean prepared a wonderful dinner for us that evening with stuffed chicken and roasted veggies. Then we surprised Trever with his birthday cards, dessert, and train tickets for Thursday! After dinner, we headed back out to ride around town to Memorial Park and rode through Hillside Cemetary.

Photographs do not do justice to the beauty of this area of Colorado. The mountains, the trees, the rivers, the wildflowers – there is amazing beauty everywhere you look.

-Karri Temple Brackett

Colorado Haiku

Snow capped peaks, blue skies
Snow melt river rushing by
June in Silverton.


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