Million Dollar Views

Day Two/Monday, June 27, 2023

Monday morning was rough! We got adequate sleep but I woke up with a headache, sore throat, and irritated eyes. We ate breakfast at the hotel and drove around Salida for a few minutes before setting out with our first destination being Monarch Pass.

We were all feeling the altitude by the time we arrived at the crest. Sarah really wasn’t feeling well so she decided to sit out the tramway while the rest of rode the cable cars up to the peak. It was freezing and windy at the top so we didn’t stay long.

We had planned ahead to pick up a grocery order in Montrose on our way to our destination in Silverton. Fun fact, those of you who do WalMart pickup may have noticed it is now an option to bring your own bags rather than use plastic bags. In Colorado, it wasn’t an option – no bags for our order! Which means we piled our various and assorted groceries on top of everything else we had in the trunk!

We began to see snow capped peaks in Montrose and the views were beautiful through Ridgeway, Ouray, and onward as we began the last trek toward Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway.

We arrived in Silverton, Colorado in the early evening hours and found our rental; the location is ideal for walking to areas in downtown and has some lovely features and plenty of room to spread out.

This trip is emotionally a bit heavy for all of us because my dad, who passed in 2020, loved this area of Colorado. He and my mom traveled to this part of the state many, many times so there are memories around every corner, especially for her. And it was him I thought of quite a bit yesterday.

-Karri Temple Brackett


The ghost of you does not frighten me, but I sense it here.
The manifestation of the memory of the life you lived,
The roads you traveled,
The mountains you loved.
Surely, some small part of you remains,
In these your favorite places.
I see you in the snow capped peaks that loom above the tree covered hills.
I hear you in the wind that whistles through the mountain passes.
Your sprit haunts this land for me
In the best possible way.

Karri Temple Brackett

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