“Elves love to tell stories. I bet you didn’t know that about elves.” – Papa Elf/Elf

In 2019 on one of our pilgrimages to At Home/formerly Garden Ridge, we brought home this mischievous looking elf. He was christened Peppermint Jazz from his tag (of the particular collection/theme that the store carried that year.) He became part of our annual decor, and for a while, we would hide him, pose him, or leave him in different locations around the house.

Each year since, we have added an elf, and now have a total of four. The OG is Peppermint Jazz.

Next we have Raz – short for Razzmatazz.

Followed by Noel (but pronounced “nole” – as in Noel Fielding from the GBB).

And this year – and most uniquely named – Tracey Boyd – the collection names the elf!


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