Month of Gratitude
Day 14

Current view from my “corner of the couch”

I suppose in every family’s home, everyone has their “spot”. For me it is the right hand seat of our sectional with a small side table where I keep my journal, books, and folders, and an ottoman in front of me where I always prop my feet, since the reclining part of the sectional broke not long after we bought it!

There are always various and assorted blankets on the couch because I like to keep my house on the arctic side of cold, and even though people often associate “sitting on the couch” with relaxing, I am most always doing something…using the computer, writing, reading, or making some kind of craft.

At any given time there are dogs with me….if Lucy is in the room, she has to be right beside me, which sends Bubby into a sulky pouting fit, so he will sit on the other side of the couch as far away from me as he can get to make a point. Sleepy isn’t as picky…she will often sleep in a dog bed atop the ottoman.

My corner of the couch is the place where I feel most comfortable and where I can unwind after a long day of life in the outside world. Although I love to travel and enjoy seeing new places, I am always grateful to be home….and in my corner of the couch.

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 14, 2019

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