Month of Gratitude
Day 13

Sarah and the sunsets

Since Sarah moved back home and she works in my office, we spend a LOT of time together. Between commuting time in the car and evenings at home, we often joke that we run out of things to talk about because we have already talked about everything going on in our lives!

This has been a particularly rough week and driving home from work Tuesday Sarah told me to think of one good thing from the day to be thankful for. Now I have been doing these gratitude posts daily but at the time, I just was so frustrated by things that were happening that I told her I just couldn’t right then. Things were better yesterday evening and again on the way home, she told me to think of one good thing, and we were treated to a marvelous sunset and evening sky on the westward journey to our house.

Sunsets aside, I am grateful for Sarah being not only being a great daughter but also a great friend…she is definitely one good thing I can be thankful for today and everyday.

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 13, 2019

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