The Stockings

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…”- A Visit From St. Nicholas

We have only had a fireplace in one house – a rental we lived in when Sarah was a baby – so our stockings have always hung from various pieces of furniture with care. We have a television cabinet with an electric fireplace now that serves the purpose for hanging the girls’ stockings.

When Sarah was a baby my mom cross stitched and sewed a beautiful stocking for her – it has amazing detail and finishing. Of course, she had then set a precedent and had to make four more in the ensuing years – two at once in the case of the twins!

I don’t know how many years I have had these stockings that hang in the bedroom for Trever and me. Just a few years ago, we started filling (them mostly with candy) for one another.

The fur babies have stockings as well, with their initials – B for Bubby, L for Lucy, J for Jack, and G…well G is for Gabby, which is Sleepy Ben’s original name. Abby has our Harry’s who died several ago, as well as her dear Noah’s. We lost him and Finn this year, both unexpectedly.

And yes, Santa still comes and fills the stockings, just as he has since December of 2000!


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