Room by Room – The Doors, Outdoors, and The Tree

Christmas 2020

We finally got a tree topper today and were able to say we are totally done decorating! For at least the last 15 years, we have purchased a “real” tree. At first, I wasn’t hip on the idea…it gets expensive, they are messy, you have to redo the lights every time. But now I wouldn’t have anything else.

We have had some tree disasters over the years. Trees have fallen, bringing ornaments down with them. We have returned trees that were too large or too small. We have nearly lost trees off of the roof of the vehicle. So this year was pretty non eventful!

The theme of our tree is “every ornament ever” – from standard issue balls and baubles that we have in mass quanity to ornaments collected over the years and from our respective childhoods. I also enjoy putting small presents in the branches.

Trever and Sarah did a great job decorating outside this year….a variety of colored and clear lights, our blow mold Santa and Frosty, ornaments from the crepe myrtle and a starshine on the willow tree give our house a festive look….the pictures don’t do it justice!

Last but not least, the girls “gift wrapped” most of the interior doors in the house…pictures heavily cropped so you don’t see some of my cats’ handiwork on door frames!

That about does it for Christmas decor 2020…as much work as this is we really should leave it all up until about March!

Karri Temple Brackett
December 4, 2020

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