Christmas 2019

We started decorating our house the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. Although the bulk of it was done the weekend after, a few finishing touches were added this weekend. It may stay decorated through February at this rate!

Our Bedroom….I have a vintage corner with some things that I have inherited but others I have picked up at thrift stores or flea markets. Complete with flocked tree in the corner.

The other side of the room has my china cabinet (aka bookshelf and catchall cabinet) with my Mexican nativity and Trever’s and my stockings, my armoire has another small tree, a variety of silver and blue decorations are set up on my desk that I thought nicely matched my vintage doll I received from my late mother-in-law, and there are even more decoration on another desk. The bedrom is also where all of my gifts are stored and wrapping takes place but I didn’t photograph that mess!

The bathrooms are small so there is just enough room for a couple of trees and some snowmen, along with my small white ceramic nativity.

The kitchen/dining area is where Trever’s village is set up…also the girls’ stockings (made by my mother) are hung on the small china hutch and I have my retro tablecloth and centerpiece on the table. I made a garland of crochet ornaments my aunt has made over the years and hung above one window and another garland of stars I crocheted this year is across the main dining area window. I love my three piece Nativity Set, which we have had for years and I added an Advent Wreath behind it this year. The Nativity picture on the wall is a print by Joni Earekson Tada- my grandfather gave it to me one year in a frame he had made, the original frame is long gone but I still have the print.

Last but not least we have the living room, and the piece de resistance, the tree! Stockings for the furry family members are in front of the television (although we are short an L for Lucy) and my Santa collection received a dedicated shelf area this year. Our tree is always eclectic – everything from packaged baubles to crafts the kids have made over the years to ornaments from our childhoods.

Although is is a LOT of work, I love the way our house looks around the Christmas holidays.

-Karri Temple Brackett
December 14, 2019

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