May We be Truly Thankful

Month of Gratitude
Day 28

The food

When I began on reflecting our Thanksgiving Day, I was focusing on things that Thanksgiving 2019 was not. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I felt a pang of jealously as I saw all the happy photos from people gathering with family and friends, playing games, laughing, talking, and having a day worthy of celebration. Our Thanksgiving this year was a quiet affair…we had the food, the parade, all of the “ingredients” but due to the loss of Trever’s mom earlier this year, it was bound to be a more subdued holiday and it was. But for so many things we are still thankful…

  • an abundance of food – we had a great deal of food and as always would be wise to remember that so many do not
  • traveling mercies – there were several accidents reported Thursday along the interstate on our route that had fatalities; we are thankful for our safety
  • time with family – we are so grateful for time together; our small gathering included my father-in-law, the four of us, and my parents, who graciously brought a turkey (the thought of dealing with a raw turkey sends me into OCD overdrive), dressing, and bread to go with the sides and desserts I had made.

As we move past Thanksgiving into the Christmas season, I pray for all those who experienced loss this past year for whom this season of “firsts” will be bittersweet, as well as those for whom losses have been many years ago but the holidays make them feel as if it were just yesterday. May you live in today, remember yesterday, and look forward to the future of making memories to be cherished for generations to come. Happy Thanksgiving.

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 28, 2019

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