Month of Gratitude
November 30, 2019

Massive Tree of 2019

As this month of gratitude comes to a close, I am sitting in the corner of my couch staring at a ridiculously massive Christmas tree we bought yesterday. It is huge and entirely too big for the space. My house is about 3/4 of the way decorated, with boxes still piled all around, and that – in combination with the usual mess of living in a house with four people, three cats, and three dogs – is enough to drive me to distraction. I had things in a state of “organized chaos” this afternoon and was looking forward to an evening at home after running errands when another unexpected drama involving a flat tire derailed my plans (and let me give a shout out of gratitude to my hubby for saving the day on that one).

Pictured above are the perpetrators of the majority of the messes in my house! It was brought to my attention that I had not been properly grateful for them so I am rectifying the oversight!

As we all know, life is a roller coaster of good, bad, boring, exciting, exceptional, ordinary days. The name of my blog – “The Marvelous and the Mundane” – was inspired by the following quote:

Like most people, I am grateful during the good times, and am usually able to be thankful while things are ordinary and have strength through the awful. But, more often than not, I tend to overreact during times of chaos. I know that eventually, the chaos will calm and order shall be restored, however messy or out of control things seem to be at any given moment. And I know that the twists and turns, the messes and the missteps are all a part of living life – a life for which I am very grateful. As we move forward from this traditional month of Thanksgiving, may we continue to be have gratitude for all of the days…the marvelous, the mundane, and even the chaotic!

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 30, 2019

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