On Your Mark, Get Set, Bake

Month of Gratitude
Day 26

It may seem silly to be grateful for a television show but that is my gratitude for the day. I discovered the Great British Baking Show (originally known as the Great British Bake Off before it was picked up by PBS and Pillsbury got their knickers in a twist about the “bake off” portion of the title) a couple of years ago and promptly binged all the seasons. Sarah started watching with me during the most recent season and was hooked; so she and I began watching the older seasons (I had binged them all so quickly, I don’t remember the winner in many cases!) It’s a fun way to spend time together and something to look forward to after a stressful day. Plus it inspires us to try our hand at baking some desserts – some successful and some not so much! Because no one likes a soggy bottom…

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 26, 2019

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