I originally wrote this during the Supreme Court hearings last September. Due to current events, I feel it remains relevant today.
-Karri Temple Brackett
September 30, 2019

I started writing this today as a paragraph to repost my “Love Thy Neighbor” essay I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I am struggling y’all – and I know of several others who are – with reading comments, opinions, memes and even jokes about the current supreme court nomination, allegations, and subsequent hearings. Anyone that know me knows I think that when I’m right, I’m right 🙂 but even if other people have differing opinions and views on a subject, it physically pains me to think that they are basing those opinions and views on inaccurate or false information. I find myself often harboring negative feelings about those who are expressing viewpoints that I consider border on misogyny or are anathema to what I consider just and right.

Over the past two years, I have learned some lessons about not engaging on social media with either strangers – totally pointless – or even with good intentions to family and friends to try and argue and defend my positions. I have made it a personal rule not to respond to controversial topics on other’s personal pages; even if I vehemently disagree, I employ the “hide and scroll” technique or – as I assume many many people have done to me – I snooze or hide their statuses. However, if anyone does post on a thread of mine, I will engage and state my opinions or defend my viewpoints.

All that said I am weary and heartsick about things I have seen and read but realize that likely nothing I say, post, retweet, or share will truly do anything but get me feedback from my personal circle of friends in my echo chamber. I do want to reiterate that I stand with all those who have been victims of sexual assault, in whatever form. I pray for those who are hurting and who live with the emotional and physical scars of such every day. I encourage everyone to educate themselves beyond what they read or see in a meme or news headline – regardless of the source. I challenge allies to open their hearts to those who have stories to share, or their wallets to support a cause which helps those who have been victimized.

At the risk of sounding cliche, the silver lining of this as with many news events as of late is that it has started a conversation, even beyond the #metoo movement which galvanized our country over recent months and years. Talk with not only your daughters but your sons so that they know a line of communication is open for their experiences. Provide emotional support, a sounding board or resources for further help to friends or loved ones who need to share their experiences. And to my original point, above all, love people. Closing yourself off emotionally because the pain is too great, whether from personal experience or empathic feelings is a real risk for some. Love others, even those with whom you do not agree, but continue to fight the good fight. I know that many are weary but I encourage you to continue to advocate, in whatever way you feel is best, for this or or any other social justice issues.

“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9.

-Karri Temple Brackett

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