Advent Word/Day Fourteen The word flourish brings to mind plants, animals, and people that are thriving. What it takes to flourish is dependent on many factors, from the intrinsic – such as the biology of the thing in question – to the extrinsic – such as the environment. Some of these things can be controlled

“Elves love to tell stories. I bet you didn’t know that about elves.” – Papa Elf/Elf In 2019 on one of our pilgrimages to At Home/formerly Garden Ridge, we brought home this mischievous looking elf. He was christened Peppermint Jazz from his tag (of the particular collection/theme that the store carried that year.) He became

Advent Word/Day Twelve Breathe. Deep breathing has health benefits which range from decreasing stress to lowering blood pressure to relieving pain. I often find myself sighing not in relief or exasperation but simply because I have been breathing so shallowly that once I take a moment to pause and actually breathe deeply, that breath is