Of Moose and Men

Day Six/June 30, 2023

Friday was a travel day. We had come to the end of our time at the house in Silverton and were set to move on to a different area of the state near Cimarron. The highlight of the day came early as we were leaving Silverton on the Million Dollar Highway toward Ouray. We noticed people gathering on the side of the road looking down into the valley and found the source of the interest – a moose. Trever got much better pictures with his camera; trust me the blob is the moose.

The Onlookers

I wonder what you think, Sir Moose, wandering near your pond,
Grazing on the grasses of the marshland down below,
Of the gawking gazing humans as they point and photograph,
As if you are the one who is not native here?

-Karri Temple Brackett

We stopped at Ouray intending to do some shopping and have lunch, but we are all getting weary! So we traveled on toward Ridgway intending to possibly have lunch at the True Grit Cafe. Enter the crowds. Too many tourists and none of us wanted to wait in the long lines. On to Montrose, where we ate at Fiesta Guadalajara. Great food and service, would highly recommend!

After lunch, we did another mad dash into Walmart for more groceries before setting off for the cabin. It’s much more rustic than many places we have stayed, with a mad assortment of taxidermy (not pictured in this post) Trever really loves this area and it does have its charms but I think I prefer the more mountainous areas of the state.

Karri Temple Brackett

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