Off Road Adventures

Day Four/June 28th, 2023

I began day four with a cup of coffee on the front porch of our rental. As I mentioned, we are right in the downtown area and are surrounded by businesses. I got a kick out of watching two little boys play in the Polaris Slingshots while their father worked around the shop across the street.

I have been trying to creatively write some each day in addition to just providing journal like entries so the following was inspired by that encounter as I set on the porch.

Summertime Ride

Two little boys,
Blonde hair shining in the sun,
One behind the wheel,
The other rides shotgun.
Excited chatter and high pitched yells,
Echo through the streets,
The engine revs, they drive away,
They settle in their seats.
Racing through the mountain roads,
The turns are made with ease.
The wind whistles, the hills fly by,
Adventure at top speed!
All too soon it’s over,
Time to go, get back inside.
Only in their imaginations,
Was there such a thrilling ride.


That day, we decided to rent a Jeep to go a few places the minivan would not be able to traverse. As we made those arrangements, all of us pitched in to make some breakfast with eggs, bacon and biscuits (albeit from a can!)

Sarah was not interested in off roading adventures so she had a day of peace and quiet while the rest of us set off up to Animas Forks. By the time we got back, I was wiped out – and I didn’t even do much exploring; jostling along the rough roads is exhausting in and of itself! I had some downtime before I prepared the toughest beef fajitas known to man (should have marinated the meat!). After dinner, we took another evening drive in search of wildlife but only saw a couple of deer. Maybe next time.

-Karri Temple Bracket

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