Westward Ho!

Day One/June 25, 2023

Family vacation June 2023. Destination – southwestern Colorado. Travelers – myself, Trever, Sarah, Abby, my mom and Abby’s fiancee Sean. Reservations were made months ago, preparations took weeks, and my anxiety before this vacation was through the roof.

We left home at the ungodly hour of 4:45 a.m. and drove to collect the rest of our party. Thus began a seemingly interminable travel day. Interstate 40 West took us all the way across Oklahoma. Dense forests gave way to scrubby trees and then to open plains punctuated with wind turbines and mostly dormant pump jacks. After a very windy picnic lunch in Elk City and brief layover in Erick, Oklahoma for Trever to take a walk down memory lane, we continued on through the Texas panhandle before cutting up through the northeast corner of New Mexico and entering Colorado.

Credit for most photos to Trever!

After many, many hours in the van, a time zone change, lots of pit stops, a parking lot dinner of Subway sandwiches, and a final three hour drive we reached our destination for the night at the Silver Ridge Hotel in Salida, Colorado. My brain whirled all day, trying to be in the moment, take in the scenery and relax into the respite of our time together. Once we settled in, exhausted, I realized I didn’t have anyone to send my customary goodnight texts to because I was with with the people I love most in the world, an opportunity for which I am very grateful.

-Karri Temple Brackett

Travel Day

Rising long before first light,
The pre-dawn darkness more night than day.
The anticipation of a planned vacation,
Dances with the apprehension of leaving home base, my safe space.
To venture into the world “out there”
A whispered prayer for safety as we travel,
Westward bound.

-Karri Temple Brackett

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