The tulips and daffodils are long gone by the time

That April showers bring May flowers to the South.

Yet all about our town, lovely flora and fauna are to be found.

Mighty Magnolia trees begin to showcase their creamy white blossoms.

Roses of every array adorn the lawns of historical homes.

The tapestry of trees which blossomed weeks ago now provide

A verdant backdrop to beautiful blooms..

Downtown, the city hangs baskets of petunias in purples and pinks,

Their winsome blossoms winding down the sides of the vessels.

And in my own backyard, the wild rose bush, which has, over the years

Become intertwined with another shrub is bursting with blooms.

Larger by ten times than when my Daddy transplanted it years ago.

Providing a reminder that flowers, like love, bloom again and again

A gift of beauty in the midst of a world of chaos.

Karri Temple Brackett
May 9, 2023

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