The Tree and the Lights

Every year since Sarah was a baby, we have gotten a live tree. Trever’s preferred tree is a Frasier Fir, but this year we chose a Noble Fir. Over the years, we have had trees nearly fall off the top of the vehicle on transporting them home, have returned trees for being too small, too big or too dry. We have had trees fall over in the stand…multiple times!

This year the tree had a fence around it because Bubby decided hey, it’s a tree…awesome. Let me mark it. And since all the gifts would not fit behind the fence so I had to get creative.

I will admit I have always like a “pretty tree” Not a decorator matchy matchy tree but having pretty lights and ornaments and a topper. And y’all – some of ornaments they made in the elementary school days are a lot. So it is a running joke that I always insist some of the more….um creative ones go on the back of the tree. I am evolving, though, I promise!

Trever (with Sarah’s help) lit up the outside with colored and white lights and the Santa and Frosty.

We will probably leave the decorations up for awhile not for any reason of tradition or custom, but simply because it is a lot of work to put them all up and take it all down!


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