The Nativities

Last but not least…I give you the nativity sets. Our main display is simply the Holy Family and we have had it for years – I still have the original box from Wal-Mart that is marked $9.88. Amazingly, it has made annual trips up and down from the attic unscathed. I have displayed it on this drum table for several years and when I began observing Advent a few years ago, I started experimenting with Advent wreaths and candles. The lantern I added this year. The picture on the wall is by an artist named Jodi Eareckson Tada – my grandparents gave it to me as a gift one year in a frame my grandfather made when I was a child or teenager. The frame is long since gone, but I reframed the print and display it each year.

My other two nativity sets are in the bedroom. I do not remember the origin of the small white ceramic set for the life of me! But the larger set came from Mexico – a gift from my parents after a vacation they took one year. I love all three sets for their beauty and their meaning.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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