The Village

The Christmas Village is Trever’s domain. He painstakingly attends to attends to each and every detail down to having one part of the village being the “rural” area and one being the “town.

It takes a great deal of time each year for him to get it all set up, connect and plug in all of the lights and the add the finishing touches like the small figures and snow.

There are a couple of churches in town.

About town…ice skating, the train station, an antique store, a clock tower, the blacksmith, skating in the park with a drink stand, and other homes and buildings.

And outside of town, a water tower, homes, a tree farm and a ski lodge…complete with bears.

Inevitably things get broken and need to be repaired, but that is just the way of things when you use and display things year after year. Every season, he buys a piece or two to add to the village, although we are about out of rooms for large buildings. It really is quite a miniature masterpiece.


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