The Santas

The Santa collection came to be in a similar way to the snowmen. I received a few as gifts here and there and then began collecting them on my own and now they have reached quite the number. When there were only a few, I would scatter them about the house but now I try to concentrate them in a display.

The “fireplace” under the television is the centerpiece of our living area. I particularly like the large Santa/music box I have in the center, even though he has to move every time we want to watch TV.

This cabinet holds most of the small Santas – again, collected over the years as gifts or purchased second hand in thrift shops or flea markets.

These guys are so sparkly I felt like they needed to be on the sparkly and pastel hued table – ignore the wall – we need to paint!

A few more sprinkled about the house and on the walls.


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