Sunny with a Chance of Fog

I have always been a bit of a pluviophile.  While others bask in the sun, I enjoy a nice overcast situation, a steady rain, and even the occasional rumble of thunder – preferably without severe weather.  However, as I have gotten older, I find that “rainy days and Mondays” are getting me down.  Especially sequential days of rain and storms like we had here in central Arkansas this week.  That is why, as I opened the blinds this morning, I was happy to see the spring sunshine flooding the room.

Leaving for work, I took a quick picture of our willow tree in the morning light.  The air was cool, giving no preview of the heat and humidity that will come all too soon as our short southern spring segues into summer.  Driving out of the neighborhood, I noticed what I first thought was smoke but quickly realized was fog lingering in the morning air.  Although I didn’t stop for another picture until I passed the lake, I thought maybe it wasn’t going to be as pretty of a day as I first thought….the colors didn’t seem as crisp, the air didn’t seem as clean as it had when I walked out my front door.

Of course, the fog burned off as the day wore on. But even this morning, the weather conditions were not an either/or situation. The sun was out AND there was fog .  The air was clear and bright in certain places and there were clouds hovering above the ground in others.  So often, we are all in with one viewpoint or emotional narrative when, in reality, multiple feelings and truths can coexist.  We can have a good day and still acknowledge our anxiety when it arises.  We can mourn the past and look forward to the future.  We can  appreciate and love our nation and know that dramatic changes need to be made to ensure equality and justice for all of our neighbors.

As the morning wore on, the fog did dissipate and it turned out to be a lovely and sunny day.  Driving around Conway later in the afternoon, I took a few pictures of the blooming trees and shrubs that remain in our spring season. It has been a long day at the tail end of a long week. I am emotionally and physically exhausted AND I am thankful for the beauty of life and love around me.

Karri Temple Brackett
April 14, 2022

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