Seagulls, Shopping, Seafood, and Surf

Another beautiful May morning.

Although I got a later start than planned and didn’t get up until around 7:30, it was a beautiful, sunny, breezy day. After everyone got up and about, we headed into Old Town Bay St. Louis and visited a couple of antique shops and went to a bookstore in Pass Christian. Shoutout to the Magnolia Antiques in BSL for enforcing that mask mandate!

On the way back to the house, we grabbed some fast food and drove down to look at the water while we ate; we shared our fries with the seagulls.

After another drive down the coast and some time back at the house, we went out to a restaurant for the first time since the pandemic began. We had planned to go to Steve’s Marina in Long Beach but when I called the restaurant, they told me they were totally booked for the next 2 nights as far as reservations. So we settled for Bacchus on the Beach in Pass Christian. The food was great and we were able to dine outdoors.

After dinner, we went back to the beach, watched the sunset, and hung out with the seagulls a bit more. We finished up the day with a couple of games and have one more day before we head back home.

Karri Temple Brackett
May 8, 2021

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