Room by Room – Master Bedroom and Baths

Christmas 2020

The master bedroom is the home of two nativity scenes and the “vintage corner.” It’s also where I tend to put a lot of miscellaneous decorations.

We have a lot of furniture crammed into one bedroom – including a china cabinet I use for a bookshelf and storage, two desks, and a table that has to be moved from our dining area for the season. The two desks – and a table in between – each have a hodgepodge of decorations.

Silver Bells….and balls….and stars. I actually still use this desk for my laptop or sewing machine so I try to keep it to a minimum.

I bought a tree last year for the vintage corner – the ornaments on the tree are a combination those I have picked up at thrift stores or flea markets and some that were things of my mother in laws. The cards on the tables were a find in a box of items Trever had purchased on ebay at one time.

I made crochet garland for both windows out of these ornaments.

When I was teaching myself to crochet a couple of years ago, I made several of these stars in alternate green, red, and white color schemes. Last year, I had the idea to string them to make garlands. They adorn both windows in the bedroom.

My jewelry armoire is the home for a glass snowman I have had for many years – I think Trever bought it for me way back when – as well as some smaller similar styled snowmen I picked up a few years ago. A sprinkle of artificial snow makes dusting a non issue for the immediate future!

My china cabinet holds not one but two nativity scenes. The one in the center was in my late mother in laws things but i don’t recall her ever displaying it. The smaller nativity is a subject of debate. I recall that my parents brought this back for me from Mexico but my mom swears she doesn’t recall that – I’m sure of it! It also is the home of Trever’s and my Christmas stockings.

There are also many boxes of wrapping supplies but I do try to at least keep them organized!

Both of our bathrooms have small trees…the girls bathroom has a small porcelin nativity scene under a tree decorated in silver and ours has a small tree with a couple of snowmen, as well as a small church that at one time must have been a fiber optic decoration.

Stay tuned for more decorating posts!

Karri Temple Brackett
December 1, 2020

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