We Wait

April 11, 2020…Holy Saturday in the Christian faith. The world is waiting – not unlike the disciples did in anticipation of the resurrection. Not knowing quite what to expect, filled with fear and despair, not believing that anything good would come of their loss.

And so too, do we wait. For an end to the isolation, the death, the fear. We wait. For a return to “normal” or a new normal that is somehow more humane than the normal we have abandoned. We wait. For joyous reunions with family and friends, face to face interactions rather than long distance communications over technology. We wait. For the ability to move freely throughout the world without fear of contagion from a virus which has attacked not only our physical bodies but our emotional well beings. So we wait.

And as we wait, we wait in a liminal space – a space of transition, neither in the past or in the future, yet often not fully in the present. And as we wait, we grieve, we mourn, we weep. For opportunities lost, for sheer loneliness, or for some, the tragic deaths of those they love. Yet as we wait, we hope, we love, we dream. We have faith that this pandemic will end and acknowledge we have the opportunity to come out on the other side stronger, more aware, and more appreciative of those we love and the miraculous nature of normalcy. We wait knowing full well that joy comes in the morning, just not knowing yet when that morning will arrive.

So we wait. And while we wait, we pray…we grieve…we weep…we live…we hope….we love. We wait.

-Karri Temple Brackett
April 11, 2020

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