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I wrote this little poem and printed it and framed it and gave it to my Daddy when Sarah was a toddler…it was entitled “Always Daddy’s Girl”….a few weeks ago I added to it. Shortly after noon today, after what seemed like both a brief and interminable battle with cancer, my father passed away. Our family would like to thank all of those who have prayed for him and us as we have gone through this time and would ask that you continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers during the days to come.

Little girl with eyes of green,
Running ‘cross the floor.
“Daddy’s home,” her happy cry,
As she runs towards the door.

Older child through blissful years,
Loves her Daddy so.
His hard work and his faith in God,
Impressions as she grows.

Teenage girl who knows it all,
Poor decisions made.
Through tears and grief, he’s always there,
Beside her through the pain.

Married with a family now,
A daughter of her her own.
Through adult eyes, she still can see,
His love has only grown.

Little girls with hazel eyes,
Running ‘cross the floor.
“Papa’s here!” her happy cry
As she runs toward the door.

Time rolls on, the years go by,
And the family grows.
He’s husband, Daddy, Papa,
To those that love him so.

His piercing blue eyes cloudy now,
As the time grows near.
“I love yous” and the the last goodbyes
Are whispered through their tears.

Yet as they grieve, beyond that veil,
Wait those who’ve gone before.
“Welcome home!” their joyful cries
He’s healed and whole once more.

-Karri Temple Brackett
February 22, 2020

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