Father’s Day 2020 I told myself I wasn’t going to grieve today. Then I realized that love, and memories, and grief are all intertwined in a knot that cannot possibly be untangled by sheer will. But above all, today, in this moment, I am thankful. I am thankful for forty six years of having a

I have decided to continue on with “documenting our dinners” (and occasional breakfasts); if nothing else, I can look back and remind myself of recipe ideas…many are repeats but I will link to a recipe here and there if I find something shareable. May 1st fell on a Friday….we had started doing carryout on Fridays

I started accidentally collecting birds a few years ago. I happened upon this print in Jackson Square in New Orleans and liked the colors so I bought and framed it to hang in my bedroom. After that, I started noticing birds everywhere! They have to be certain style of bird though – and I don’t

April 11, 2020…Holy Saturday in the Christian faith. The world is waiting – not unlike the disciples did in anticipation of the resurrection. Not knowing quite what to expect, filled with fear and despair, not believing that anything good would come of their loss. And so too, do we wait. For an end to the

During the short period of relative normalcy between my father’s illness and death and the beginning of “Novel Corona Virus Lockdown 2020”, I put out my spring and Easter decorations. Ever since I chose bunnies as a theme for my oldest daughter’s first birthday party in March of 2001, I have collected and displayed bunnies

I wrote this little poem and printed it and framed it and gave it to my Daddy when Sarah was a toddler…it was entitled “Always Daddy’s Girl”….a few weeks ago I added to it. Shortly after noon today, after what seemed like both a brief and interminable battle with cancer, my father passed away. Our