Advent 2019
December 19th

For yesterday’s Advent word, I am sharing this post from my friend Xandra. It wasn’t public, so I just had to cut and paste (hope that’s ok!) What she has done this week embodies the word “bless” #AdventWord #Bless #Day19

This is copied from Xandra’s post this morning….

As the boys and I were going to do some Christmas shopping after church Sunday, we saw a lady with a “pregnant. need help” sign. I gave her money, but felt compelled to do more. I asked her what she needed. Her reply was “everything”. The light turned green and we had to go. The boys and I immediately started brainstorming on what she would need. As we were shopping for people who have everything, we made sure we shopped for her who had nothing for herself or her baby. We bought prenatal vitamins, had hot hands in the car, got a water bottle that would keep things hot or cold so she could just refill it. We got a blanket and some more money.

My big boys were so kind and thoughtful. They kept saying, “Do you think she needs this? What about this over here?” I told them that when we gave her the essentials, we would ask her more specific things she might need.

Once we gathered what we needed, we made our way back to her. We parked and walked to her, smiled as we were approaching, hugged her and asked her name.

Her name is Michelle. She is now 37 weeks pregnant even though she doesn’t look like it because of the many layers she needs to wear to keep warm. We asked her what her situation was and how she was feeling. We talked to her about her baby girl and got excited for her and her husband about bringing their first child into the world. We found out that he had just been hired by a temp agency working out of Morrilton and they were having to pay $330 a week for a motel room with one bed. She said her biggest need was a car seat. They can’t take a baby home from the hospital without one. They’re trying to get ahead, but all her husband’s paycheck goes toward the motel and so she has to beg for money in order to buy food and gas for her husband to get to his job. I got her phone number, where she was staying and her room number.

I reached out to my church community to ask for help with purchasing a car seat and they were great! I just delivered it to her yesterday and she was so excited to get it. I asked her what else she needed and the only thing she asked for was diapers. She is worried she won’t be able to get her baby diapers. She didn’t ask for anything other than something for her baby. My boys ask about her daily and I text her to see how she’s doing.

I saw her this morning again and gave her some cash and asked how she was doing. She said she was okay. She’s staying warm in her layers.

As I was leaving the Commons there was a man with a sign that said “broke and ugly. Anything helps, even a smile” Y’all, I just gave all my cash to Michelle and literally had nothing but a smile and kind word to give. I rolled down my window and told him I didn’t have any cash, but I didn’t think he was ugly. LOL!! He explained it was to get people to laugh and I said he accomplished his goal, then. People have stories. People want to be treated as human. Just take the time to look into their eyes. Park somewhere and go talk to them. Hug them. Let them know they are loved.

All of this was encouraged by the sermon Greg Warren preached Sunday Saint Peter’s Episcopal Church St. Peter’s. I have done stuff like this a lot, but felt like I was slipping into complacency and apathy. I’m so thankful for having a group of people to push me and help my stay focused on loving the people of this world.

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