Month of Gratitude
Day 22

The cast of GHS Theater Department performing Angus McGoosh

Abby’s first foray into the arts was playing a pig in the kindergarten play at Wooster Elementary. Later in elementary school she was part of a Destination Imagination team who always did a challenge that involved a skit and she overcame what was often debilitating shyness to enjoy performing in that capacity. Last year, as a sophomore she became involved in the theater department at GHS, and it has been a real joy to watch her and her classmates perform in productions twice a year. Grateful today for the arts in general and the opportunities they give these teens to express themselves, be creative, and be involved in a community of students who care for each other. And grateful specifically that Abby is involved with theater at GHS.

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 22, 2019

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