Month of Gratitude
Day Nine

Pictured in center above is “Peppermit Jazz the Impish Elf” – stay tuned for more about his adventures.

Every once in a while, we take a day to just hang out as a family which I refer to as Family Fun Day, although no one else ever gets on board with the name. Saturday was one such day. We went to the Faulkner County Museum Open House, made a trip to Hobby Lobby, drove around Little Rock looking for pretty trees (which I didn’t get any pictures of) made our annual pilgrimage to what we still call Garden Ridge (now called At Home) and ate at On The Border. When we got home, Sarah and I finished up the evening watching Four Weddings and a Funeral for which we bought “wedding cake” for an evening snack. We are all so busy with life on a regular basis, and I am grateful for a day to reconnect with each other.

-Karri Temple Brackett
November 9, 2019

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